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April 30, 2011


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The Bus millage is all about securing short term contracts for a very few well connected people at the expense of the many. There is no need for more buses in greater Grand Rapids. So many of the buses are running empty all the time now. During early a.m. and 5 p.m. hours you get a few riders but from late morning thru afternoon and into the night the bus runs round and round on Division, Clock tower, and Clyde Park routes every day. These bus routes should have the routes decrease not increased. Many say they should put smaller van size buses in use also, because the buses never fill up in nonpeak hours. Wasting money is not a community value but the SIlverline would be a 50 million dollar waste that according to the Rapids own independent environmental study, would snarl traffic in and around Divsion. This millage would also pay for 10 more Hybrid Electric buses at a cost of 200,000 more each. These buses don't give any increase in fuel economy. George Heartwell says they are mostly for image. The only bus that is consistenly busy is the GVSU bus to Allendale and that is paid for by GVSU. The short connector from the transfer station to GVSU that students want could be put in place now with out any millage necessary. Save your money for real needs, not manufactured ones. VOTE NO May 3rd. (Interesting tidbit: George Heartwell went to the Rapid days before the last millage election and had the SIlverline rerouted OUT of Heritage Hill as they did not want the noise, congestion, and vibration. How hyprocritical to say that those who don't want this monster are anticommunity when they did not want it in there backyards!

Bill Tingley

All excellent points, Jaloney. Unfortunately, not enough taxpayers bothered to vote to defeat this waste of our money.

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