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December 23, 2008


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Lounge Daddy

I have enjoyed L.A.W. for quite some time, and I'll be sure and keep checking back. Have a great New Year!

God Bless you both.
- Dan

Editor, Local Area Watch

Hello Dan,

Thank you for being a regular visitor to our site over the years. We in turn appreciate your feedback and comments as well.

We'll post new articles when we can so, check in now and then to see if we have added some new items for consideration.

Until then, we return the blessing to you. May God give you health, wealth and happiness in 2009 and beyond.



Kimberly Hooker

Hope all is well with you two. I sure did miss the Christmas/New Years gathering. Hope you are doing great and i cant wait to read more on L.A.W. Take care and God bless
Kimberly Hooker

The Editor - L.A.W.

Hi Kim,

We had plenty going on late in the year so, no get togethers were planned in Dec. Sorry about that. Hopefully, things will be more calm this year and we can see you again!

Hope that you, Jim and Colton are doing great. Enjoy the warmth and sunshine coming with spring and summer - they are almost here.

We'll write on LAW when we can - little time right now.

Take Care and Many Blessings From Above To All of You Too.

Bridget & Bill


With such a lengthy sabbatical here, I've taken to checking the LAW site once every couple of months (or when memory just randomly prompts me to take a look). Indeed, it's been a good long stretch of inactivity. But while a length of time like this might prompt one to think that maybe the site just isn't going to come back to life, the mere fact that it is still here at all (when it could just as easily been taken down) leads me to think that maybe, just maybe, there's a chance we'll wake up one of these mornings (or evenings) to see a brand new post. Hey ... keep hope alive!

So much of what I read at this site I disagreed with -- sometimes profoundly, other times just barely -- but I enjoyed the subjects, the manner in which they were presented, the comments that others included, and, of course, some of the discussions that came about as a result.

I sure hope you're comin' back soon.


Bridget Dupont-Tingley, Editor L.A.W.

Hello Brandon,

We have spent some time away from L.A.W. in the past year and a half due to outside issues.

Although L.A.W. was a real passion for us for many, many years (over seven now) our personal and business situations have had to take front stage again.

We hope to come back and write articles and respond to enjoyable readers and comments like yours in the future, but no promises there.

We thank you for your interest and wish you the best.



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