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December 04, 2007


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You're right! They do know something you don't because the are in the trenches, and you are in your treestand.


Wouldn't you get a better view of the situation as a whole from a treestand than from having your head buried within the trenches? Just a question.

The Executive Director

Hi, Frank.

I can't really improve on Nancy's response to you except to ask what that "something" might be.

Regards, Bill


Mix this with the City Commission's decision to pull the troops out of Iraq and I'm tempted to ask how they all wound up drinking fetid Grand River water...


The Executive Director

Hi, Nick.

You ask, "I'm tempted to ask how they all wound up drinking fetid Grand River water..."

I suspect they mistook the Grand River for the stream of alcohol that comes a-trickling down from Big Rock Candy Mountain. At least it's certain they all know how to spend money like drunken sailors -- even when the till is empty! Stick the taxpayers with the tab.

Regards, Bill


Not only do they want to dress up the buildings to make them "better", now they want to dress up the kids as well. While I have no objections to the kids wearing uniforms, this is only a "cover up" to the real problem that lies within the buildings. I can just see it now - kids will hate the uniforms because it's a sign they go to a "dumb" school - one that can't meet the expectations. If they do it for one, they should do it for all - not use it as a punishment. Remember, there are kids at each school that are succeeding - why label them? Do they really think that just because you set a standard the kids are going to change the way they learn - it hasn't in the past. The change has to come from "inside" - not just a mask to cover up the problems.

The Executive Director

Hi, Nancy.

That's interesting. I wasn't aware of the students' perception of uniforms as a mark of poor academic performance. I agree that if the GRPS wants to implement a uniform dress code, it must apply to all students in the system. But as you say, it really doesn't address the real problem.

I have serious doubts that the current GRPS administration will ever do so. The board hired a superintendent committed to the values of the status quo, which, at the end of the day, all support a system that transfers dollars from taxpayers to those holding sinecures in the systems under the pretext that they are educating our children.

It is a harsh observation, especially because there are dedicated public servants in the GRPS. But it explains why the board and the superintendent will not open up the public school system to the fundamental changes needed to improve the academic performance of the students stuck in the system. Such changes threaten the control that the GRPS administrators and the teachers union have over this transfer of dollars from taxpayers to them.

Regards, Bill

tami vogel

I am a vet. & believe in equal rights. i work for GRPS but have had my job taken because, when i reported abuse, the response was to threaten me & have an attorney: marshall grate, paid by head of hr & the dr.bernard taylor to tell me, in front of witnesses, that it is alright to call me worthless "no help to anyone & everything i do is -w- total stupidity".
when i received this response, i went over dr.bt head & emailed mayor heartwell, predominantly because, i was called a "ho" by a principal, jamie mccabe(who claims to be a friend of gov.granholm), & then booted out of the building for trying to report the abuse going on.
i was yanked into a meeting & told, i had better keep my mouth shut
(you are getting the short version)
i was also told that i should not be allowed to own property in gr, by the neighborhood improvement assoc.& have been threatened by todd julians friends, who tell everyone that "i should be burned out".
i asked his supervisor to have him removed from my case, but she, having been approached by my supervisors of GRPS, to help take me down, declined.
anyone working on my property gets harassed hy todd julians friends & one of my supervisors(jerry blodgett, the 1st 2 threaten me) lives on the same st.
now, since mayor heartwell is involved, i have had my job taken from me, because i am unfit to work for GRPS, & am in court regarding my property & denied a court appointed legal counsel.
when i emailed mayor heartwell(who never replied to any of my emails), i got banned from GRPS grounds, when they, all of the sudden, are holding the hearings on my property, of which, i am not allowed to attend.
i have collected proof regarding these people & their actions, that i work under, either, setting up prior workers, to be fired, or, turning a blind eye, to the abuse that is allowed to go on.
fredericka williams put out a new sheet on dealing -w- the harressment of which, i had already followed but it didn't get me anywhere, as she sent me a notice, which i received, Dec.24, stating, i am unfit 2 work & will no longer receive monies from
GRPS & "have a merry christmas".

& yes, you are right, grand rapids press refuses to print the truth.

i was so upset at mayor heartwells involvment, that i turned a complaint in against him in "deadbeats".

it is sad when the only ones that count to those in power are those that have money or connections.

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