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March 03, 2005


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I'm doing a paper in Government on Human Rights. So far I've found nothing to say the government is voilating a home owners Human Rights by not telling them they live on a toxic waste dumb. I would image there is but I've yet to turn anything up.

The Executive Director

Hi, Luna.

Actually there are state and federal statutes mandating both public and private disclosures relating to disposition of hazardous waste on a property. Unfortunately, most people (including government officials) are unaware of where to find this information or how to compel the government to disclose it.

You might try Parts 111 and 201 of Michigan's Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, which spells out the law about disclosures including the information ordinary citizens have the right to get from the Department of Environmental Quality.

Regards, Bill


We are better off today than we were eight years ago

Bridget Dupont-Tingley, Editor, L.A.W.

Hello Afford,

You think we are better off today than we were eight years ago? If you mean that thousands of loads of severly contaminated soil are no longer located between Ottawa and Division, you would be right. Many loads for sure went to the water filtration plant that has now been renovated into offices and available residential condo/apt. housing. The other thousands of truck loads of waste went to parts of this city still unknown. Where you place thousands of tons of contaminated waste is no simple task.

If all these companies did illegal removal of highly toxic waste without proper precautions once, you can bet they did it elsehwere as well. Bad behavior does not stop unless it's forced to stop. So, feel free to place the positive spin on this issue if you choose. Just rememember that one persons gain (waste being removed illegally from one site) could be someone elses loss (that waste has to go somewhere, could it be near you now)?

Until the courts allow full discovery, no one but those involved in the cover up will know for sure.



The government should be persuaded to pay for all healthcare

Bridget Dupont-Tingley, Editor, L.A.W.

Hello John,

We certainly appreciate your feedback, but frankly, it adds nothing to the discussion at hand on the issue we were talking about in regards to the B & G toxic waste problem. That's too bad as that issue is real, local and has implications to everyone in this city.

In regards to your offhand statement, "the government should be persuaded to pay for all healthcare..." Sorry fella, the U.S. isn't The United People's Socialist States". You want socialized medicine, off you go, plane ticket in hand to Canada, France, UK and others countries. You might want to study up on all the difficulties they have had with socialized medicince and they are much smaller in terms of population and costs then we are. Just look at the Treasury Secretary of Canada who is a close friend of the Clintons. This woman got breast cancer this year and her doctor told her to go to The U.S. for treatment. Off she went with all her big bucks to California to get treated as she didn't want to take a chance in the Canadian system. If that doesn't speak volumes that those who implimented their health care system don't want it or use it, who else should?

Talk about "medicine for disaster"... U.S. government intervention and oversight into everyone's medical care would be crippling at best.

No John, we need to stick to what Americans do best, a free economy and a capitalistic society. Historically, we have used that base to be the biggest, best and most advanced country in history. There might be some fine tuning needed to our medical system to improve the problem areas, but socializing will not be the answer.

So, say no to Hillary Care and Hillary's Gift to America. It's disaster in a designer pantsuit waiting to happen.



It is 2010, what is going on now, I haven't heard anything about this.

Bridget Dupont-Tingley, Editor L.A.W.

Hello TL,

It's actually 2011.

Many things have happened over the months and years since Bill's last postings on the toxic B & G site and the Water Filtration Plant. We will update this site more fully once we are able to release additional data (legally).

Just know, just because something is buried doesn't mean it stays there forever. More later...


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